IV drip therapy is a great way to bolster your immune system and fight off viral infections. It is just one of the many benefits of IV therapy.

Does Stress Play a Role in Viral Infections?

Absolutely. There are many forms of stress in life, both good and bad. Being nervous or having short term stress can actually be beneficial in certain situations. That anxious feeling before an important life event or competition is a type of short term stress that releases neurotransmitters and hormones that can push your body and mind to perform at an optimal level. Long term stress, however, is very different and can have extremely negative effects on the body and the mind. One of the most detrimental effects of long term stress is the release of cortisol, which suppresses or inhibits your immune system. When this happens, you become more susceptible to infections from bacteria and viruses. In fact, long term stress can even put you at risk for chronic diseases like irritable bowel syndrome, asthma, depression, and obesity.

Can You Get Sick From Being in the Cold?

While “catching a cold” implies you contracted the infection from cold exposure, this has been debunked again and again by the scientific community. Cold weather will, however, cause your body to expend more energy to stay warm, and continuous exposure to cold will eventually cause decreased energy levels and weaken the immune system. This, in turn, can lead to susceptibility to viral infections. Another contributing factor is that people tend to gather indoors when it is cold outside, and close proximity to others that are sick will allow viruses to spread easily. Cold weather also leads to dry nasal passages, which makes one more susceptible to “catching a cold”. So there is some validity to the idea of cold weather causing more viral infections, even though it is an indirect mechanism.

What Is IV Therapy?

IV therapy was traditionally administered only in hospitals or urgent care clinics when serious illness required it. In the last decade, however, IV therapy has become available to the general public in less acute situations and can be a great option for those looking to overcome infections or increase general wellness. IV therapy delivers nutrients and medications directly to the bloodstream and avoids the first-pass effect by the liver, allowing maximum absorption of vitamins, supplements, and medications. IV therapy can help fight viruses directly to because it goes directly into the veins and gets rid of symptoms quicker.

What Can IV Therapy Do For You?

IV therapy can help treat a variety of conditions, but its ability to help the body fight off and combat the symptoms of viral infections is one of the more important functions. Influenza, rhinovirus, and coronavirus infections can all benefit from IV therapy. By hydrating and bolstering the immune system, IV therapy can shorten the duration of these infections and help decrease or eliminate the symptoms associated with viral infections.

What Viral Symptoms Can IV Therapy Help With?

One of the worst symptoms of a viral infection is that of dehydration. Fatigue, weakness, dizziness, and headache are all caused by dehydration- and IV therapy can fix these. There are many benefits of IV therapy, but hydrating the body quickly is perhaps one of the best. In as little as 20 minutes, an entire liter of water can be directly infused into the bloodstream to rehydrate the body and alleviate symptoms. When you add supplements, vitamins, and medications to the mix, these can decrease fever and aches, while bolstering your immune system to fight off infection.

Can’t You Just Fight Off an Infection?

For the vast majority of infections, your body can fight them off on its own, with no additional help. However, it can take your body up to 10 days to mount an immune response, and another several days after to eradicate the infection completely and get you back to normal. Most people can’t afford to spend 2 weeks in bed, and are looking for ways to shorten this process. That’s where IV Therapy comes in: Infusing fluids, vitamins, and medications can shorten or even halt the progression of an infection, thereby returning your body to it’s normal state and getting you back to 100%.

About IVology

IVology recognized that IV therapy was becoming increasingly popular due to its ability to increase wellness and fight viruses and other illnesses. Traditionally, it was only hospitals or urgent care center that could administer IV therapy, and so IVology sought to offer the service in a lower acuity environment that was accessible to the general public. The modern methods IVology uses sets them apart from the competition and offers a relaxing experience for all who wish to benefit from IV therapy. You can contact IVology on their website and follow them on Instagram and Facebook to learn more.

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