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IV Therapy



IV therapy is a great option for those who wish to benefit from the science behind intravenous delivery.  

IV therapy is a great option for those who wish to benefit from the science behind intravenous delivery.  Bolstering your immune system to fight off viral infections is just one of the many benefits of IV therapy, but here are some important points about the subject:

Do People Get Sick More in the Colder Months?

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Even though the scientific community agrees that you don’t get “the cold” simply from being in colder environments, there are several reasons why it  is more common to get sick during these months.  Simply put, the body’s susceptibility to infections increases and higher exposure to germs occur in the colder months.  The influenza virus is known to spread predominantly in the winter, while rhinovirus and coronavirus tend to cause infection in the fall and spring.  This is directly related to the colder months of the year.  Here’s why:


In the colder months, you are more likely to stay inside where it is warmer and more comfortable.  Warmth provided by heaters causes warm, dry air to flow indoors, causing drying of the nasal and sinus passages.  Dry mucous membranes are less likely to trap and neutralize airborne viruses, thereby putting you at an increased risk of contracting viral infections.



Also a contributing factor to viral transmission indoors is poor ventilation and lack of social distancing.   When the air is stagnant indoors, respiratory droplets (from people coughing, sneezing, or heavy breathing) can travel further, causing viruses to spread at an increased rate among people.

Does Stress Cause Infections?

Stress can be good and bad for the body, but there are different categories of stress that you need to be aware of.  Small amounts of stress can be good in the sense that they will temporarily increase your energy levels and sometimes increase your mind and body’s ability to perform well under pressure.  This type of stress is short term and potentially beneficial, so it shouldn’t be viewed as detrimental to your overall health.


Long-term stress is nothing to take lightly as it can harm the body in multiple ways.  One of the ways that long-term stress affects the body is it increases your body’s production of cortisol, a stress hormone secreted by your adrenal glands that works to stop inflammation.  Cortisol also has the effect of suppressing your immune system, which can leave you more susceptible to contracting a viral infection.  Furthermore, long-term stress puts you at risk of developing a chronic disease, such as irritable bowel syndrome, asthma, depression, and obesity.


What is IV Therapy?

IV (intravenous) therapy is a method of infusing vitamins, supplements, and medications directly into the bloodstream.  Bypassing the digestive tract is the main advantage of IV Therapy.  When the same substances are taken orally, they are broken down in the stomach, absorbed through the intestines, and then into the bloodstream.  From there, they are immediately filtered by the liver, by a process called "first-pass effect." This filtration by the liver can decrease the drug’s effectiveness to 20% or less!

IV therapy delivers nutrients and medications directly to the bloodstream and avoids this first-pass effect, for 100% absorption, every time. This allows the nutrients to be readily available at the cellular level.  Additionally, we can safely deliver larger doses that would not otherwise be tolerated when taken orally.

Allowing larger doses of vitamins and supplements into your body at a rapid pace has an overall positive impact on the immune system.  You immune system cells are strengthened quickly and better equipped to fight diseases and infections. 


In addition IV therapy has a long lasting effect that allows your body to fight infections continuously for several days.

Why Should You Use IV Therapy? 
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Utilizing IV therapy to fight viruses gives you two distinct advantages over conventional methods- rapid hydration and immediate supplementation.  IV therapy was traditionally only given in hospitals and urgent care centers when patients presented with severe, debilitating symptoms.  It was given because there is an overwhelming body of evidence that shows IV hydration to be beneficial in sick, dehydrated patients.  As medicine has evolved, IV Therapy is now available in less acute settings, like IVology.  Instead of waiting until the symptoms become so severe that you need to go to an emergency room, you can now get IV Therapy in a comfortable, private setting- before the infection takes over your life.  It can sometimes take weeks to recover from a viral infection, however with IV therapy, your symptoms can improve in only a few hours!  It is for this reason IV Therapy has become so popular around the world and an option to consider for everyone.

When Should You Use IV Therapy?

IV therapy has become increasingly popular due to its ability to fight viruses expeditiously. During the Flu Season or in environments where viral infections are prevalent, this can be an excellent time to boost your immune system with IV therapy.  If you feel like you are getting sick or run down with sick people around you, then it is time to consider IV therapy.  Getting IV therapy sooner can halt or shorten the duration of an infection. 

Using IV therapy treatment to fight viruses is a very simple process and works within minutes, returning you to a healthy state sooner than conventional methods.  When there are important events and activities and you don’t have time to be sick, IV therapy can represent a quick fix to get you back to feeling better and continuing with your life as it was.

Improved Quality Of Life

There are several factors that determine your quality of life, some are physical and some are mental.  From a physical standpoint, IV therapy can help fight viral infections, improve your overall immune health, as well as provide energy to propel you through daily life.  Eliminating fatigue, nausea, soreness, headaches, and so many other maladies are just a few of the physical benefits IV Therapy can have on your quality of life.


One of the most important benefits of IV therapy, however, is its ability to improve your mental health.  Stress, anxiety, and worry are so prevalent in daily life, and IV therapy provides supplements and vitamins that help to relax the mind and improve sleep.  Supplements and hydration to sharpen the mind, think clearly, and improve cognitive function are also benefits of IV Therapy that will have an impact on your quality of life.

Improved Physical Performance

Athletes are always pushing their bodies to the limit, whether it be in daily exercise or in high level competition.  To operate at peak performance, it is essential for the body to have proper nutrition and hydration, and these are two things that IV Therapy does best.  Vitamins, supplements, and water are all directly infused into the bloodstream, making them immediately available to every muscle and organ system.  Additionally, strenuous exercise causes the body to release free radicals and lactic acid, which cause damage and inhibit proper function of muscles and cells.  Free radicals and lactic acid are both neutralized with proper hydration, which essentially “flushes out'' these toxins.  These benefits make IV Therapy a must for athletes wishing to shorten recovery and maximize performance whenever they deem necessary.


Use of IV therapy to fight viruses has become increasingly popular, especially in the United States during the current COVID-19 pandemic.  With viral infections, it is important to understand all of the benefits of IV therapy and how it can benefit your immune system.  While IV therapy has the ability to improve your ability to fight and prevent infections, it can also have a positive effect on your mental state.  Mental health is extremely important in the stressful times that we live in and can be just as important as physical health, especially in relation to your immune system.  IV therapy benefits the health of both mind and body, giving you a double dose of protection against viral infections while simultaneously giving you an overall boost in your quality of life.       

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