Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get an IV?

Intravenous therapy is a method of infusing vitamins, supplements, and medications directly into the bloodstream. Bypassing the digestive tract is the main advantage of our IV infusions. When the same substances are taken orally, they are absorbed through the intestines into the bloodstream, but are then immediately filtered by the liver, by a process called "first-pass effect." This decreases the bioavailability (amount available in the blood to benefit your cells) of the drug or supplement to roughly 20%!

IV therapy delivers nutrients and medications directly to the bloodstream and avoids this first-pass effect, for maximum absorption. This allows the nutrients to be readily available at the cellular level. Additionally, we can safely deliver larger doses that would not otherwise be tolerated when taken orally.

What is the process for getting an IV?

Following a consultation and approval by the doctor, the nurse will start your IV by placing a catheter in your vein, usually one in your antecubital (front side of your elbow) area. The catheter is then attached to tubing which is connected to a bag containing the treatment you have chosen. Your therapy will then drip directly into your bloodstream, allowing the absorption of water, vitamins, and medications instantaneously. Once the infusion is complete, the nurse will remove the catheter and place a sterile bandage over the IV insertion site. Payment via credit card is preferred, and then you're on your way!

Will this hurt?

Not at all. Our nurses utilize various techniques to decrease or block the "pinch" of an IV start, and you'll be pleasantly surprised when your IV is placed. We can also inject subcutaneous lidocaine (numbing medicine) with 30 gauge needles (the smallest needles made), so that you won't even feel the actual catheter being inserted. This is our specialty- making IVs easy and we can't wait to show you how easy it is!

How long does the whole process take?

Typical IV infusions take 20-45min, depending on the size of your IV catheter and the size of your vein that is being used. If you're a first time patient in our clinic, you can expect the entire process from start to finish to take about an hour. If you are just coming in for an IV Push treatment, the entire process will be less than 20min. NAD+ Therapy is significantly longer (between 1-6 hours depending on the dose), since side effects tend to occur if infused too quickly. Regardless of which treatment you are receiving, you'll be seated in our private room, in a comfy lounge chair with a large flat screen (with Netflix) and Wi-Fi access to keep you busy.

Who administers the IVs?

A Registered Nurse (RN) will place the IV and administer the infusion. Our nurses are all licensed in California and primarily work in Emergency Rooms, Labor & Delivery Units, ICUs, and Pre-Operative Units, where superior IV placement skills are necessary.

Where do your IV therapies come from?

All of our IV fluids, vitamins, supplements, and medications are sourced from FDA-certified medical supply companies and 503b compounding pharmacies. The components of each therapy are mixed together by the RN or MD in a sterile fashion, just prior to infusion. Our proprietary mixtures were created by Dr. O'Neill based on scientific studies and FDA guidelines with regard to dosing.

Is IV therapy safe?

Yes. There are certain medical conditions that would not make you an ideal candidate for IV hydration or certain medications (heart failure, kidney dysfunction, etc.), however this will be determined by our healthcare professionals who take a complete medical history and require Dr. O'Neill's orders prior to administration. In addition to a complete history, your vital signs are monitored during the infusions to give an added amount of vigilance and safety to our practice.

Can anyone get IV therapy?

There are very few individuals that should not receive IV Therapy, and this will be determined by Dr. O'Neill and the healthcare team. Certain medical conditions such as congestive heart failure, severe kidney or liver disease, or allergies may prevent you from receiving certain therapies. Minors will require parental consent, while women who are pregnant or breastfeeding will not be able to receive certain medications and vitamins.

Where are you located?

We are located in the city of Santa Monica on Wilshire Blvd., between Bundy Dr. and 26th St.

Why are IV therapies so expensive?

At first glance the price of IV Therapy may seem steep, but when you consider the cost of supplies, medications/IV supplements/vitamins, professional staff time, and convenience of a nearby Santa Monica office- our costs are actually competitive nationally. Please ask about our first time patient specials and membership discounts to bring down the bottom line!

Do you accept insurance?

Unfortunately we do not accept private insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid. We will, however, provide you with a complete medical record and receipt at your request, so that you may pursue reimbursement if you choose.

Does IV therapy have any benefits if I feel perfectly healthy?

Yes. A large proportion of our patients use IV therapy as part of their regular wellness routine, or to prepare for events that will require a stronger physiologic state. We have infusions that are ideal for boosting your immune system during the cold and flu season, and athletes often use our formulas to improve performance and recovery from competitions. Not to mention, some just like looking better and feeling fully hydrated!

Do you do special events or large groups?

Yes we do! If you have a party, event, or just a large group you'd like to provide IV Therapy to, we can coordinate a team to provide services. Please "Contact Us" or call to learn more about discounted group rates. Wellness expos, corporate parties, and bachelor/bachelorette parties are our specialty!

Are you hiring nurses to work at IVology?

Yes! We are always looking to build our team and expand our services by welcoming new healthcare professionals. If you’re a licensed nurse, have superior IV placement skills, and enthusiastic about helping people from all walks of life- we would love to meet you. All of our nurses work with IVology on the side of their primary jobs, and You can send your interest by clicking on "Contact Us" on the main menu and sending us a message.

How often can I get IV therapy?

It depends on the type of therapy and the person. Fatigue, hangovers, athletic competitions, migraines, jetlag- these can happen once a year or several times a month, depending on your physiology and lifestyle. Certain patients tend to have a more positive response to IV therapy and therefore receive treatment more frequently. Overall, IV therapy more than once per week would warrants evaluation by a physician to see if there are more advanced treatments available.