Our techniques

We aim to be the best in all aspects of IV infusion therapy.  By using modern numbing methods and needles smaller than those used to test glucose from your finger, our team of healthcare professionals make IV placement and delivery painless and fast. Superior IV placement techniques is yet another detail that separates us from the rest.

IVology [ahy-vee-ol-uh-jee]


1. the science of intravenous therapy.  

IVology was created in Santa Monica, California in response to the growing awareness and demand for intravenous infusion therapy outside of the hospital setting. Enhancing wellness, treating medical conditions, and even reversing the effects of aging and psychiatric illness are all goals of IVology.  Utilizing modern, painless techniques and science-driven remedies, we endeavor to restore you to your optimal physical state...and beyond. 

About IVology

Healthcare Team

Geoffery O'Neill, MD

Founder and Chief Medical Officer

Dr. O'Neill was born and raised right here in sunny Southern California, just north of Malibu, in the seaside town of Oxnard, California.  After only three years of undergraduate education at UC Riverside, he was accepted into the prestigious UCLA School of Medicine and subsequently went on to complete his 4-year Anesthesiology Residency Training at the Ronald Regan UCLA Medical Center in Westwood, CA.  Immediately following residency at UCLA, Dr. O'Neill began practicing anesthesiology at Providence St. John's Health Center in Santa Monica, where he serves as Chief of Thoracic and Spine Anesthesia, as part of Bayside Anesthesia Medical Group.  Each and every day in the 10 years he has served there, he has observed the immediate and undeniable benefits of hydration and IV therapy, and therefore seeks to perfect and spread the benefits of the science behind it. 


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